Answering Machine Audio Samples

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We are in the process of gathering audio samples from answering machines for a project of ours.
In order to get voicemail examples, we built a voice app to record examples of voicemail.
For any questions, please email or

There are 2 ways to help!

Option 1

Select your country in the drop down, enter the phone number you would like to be dialed at,
check the CAPTCHA box, then click on Call button. When the call is received, just send it to voicemail.

Please do not include country code.

Note: In France, UK, Australia, or Israel, enter the phone number without the leading digit 0.
In the US, enter a 10-digit phone number.

Option 2

You should hear your answering machine pickup the call.
When the answering machine welcome is done, please hangup the call.
Please be sure to stay on the line until you hear your answering machine beep.

To send a call to voicemail

  1. IOS
    If the device is unlocked, press the Decline button. If locked, press the sleep/wake button twice to send the call directly to voicemail.
    When you do this, the caller won’t hear additional rings, instead being escorted to your voicemail.
  2. Android
    Touch Decline or Ignore when the phone receives call. The call is forwarded to your voice mailbox and the caller is prompted to leave a message.

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